Studio IQL is the result of 20 years of collaborative design work.

Named for our office address, we have exploded beyond our walls and become a network of highly talented teams.

We are: Architects, Interior Designers, Structural Engineers, Contractors, Fabricators, Painters, Sculptors, Furniture Makers, Glassblowers, Organizers, Installers, Cabinet Makers, Ceramicists, Landscapers and Parents.

The studio designs public spaces that people can make their own and private spaces that resonate for the people that live in them. Every project is a bespoke process. We invite our clients to bring their idiosyncrasies and personalities to the process.

Val Nehez, the founder, principal designer, and creative director brings a deep commitment and understanding of what it means to create environments that evoke a profound connection and reaction.

Following art history and architecture-focused study at Bard and Vassar Colleges, Val’s design career started in earnest when she designed, branded, owned, and operated two restaurants in New York’s Hudson Valley. Val’s successful endeavors as a restaurateur led not only to two favorable reviews in the New York Times travel section, but also to a cookbook, published by Simon & Schuster.

Val Nehez in Philadelphia, PA on Houzz