A distinct experience can leave a lasting impression on customers. From offices to showrooms to residential lobbies and everywhere in between, crafting unique, welcoming spaces with personality and charm is good for business.

With our team of architects, designers, and artists, Studio IQL affirms your personal tastes, confirms your commercial needs, and realizes your vision of a welcoming and inspired space.

Organ Chandeliers

Design Church

Inspired by the working environments pictured in the documentary Art&Copy, Val Nehez and Anthony Tyler purchased a 10,000-square-foot United Methodist Church. The church was built in 1890 and is located in

Faucet Showroom

Flow Kitchen & Bath Design Studio

The Studio was hired to convert a 100 year old hardware store into a new kitchen and bath showroom. All steel frames, shelves, and furnishings were custom designed for Flow by

Money Portraits

Presidential Lobby

In the main lobby at the flagship building to the Presidential City on City Avenue, the artist Nick Nehez, was commissioned to permanently install 20 of his pieces from the collection “Show Me

Solid Stone Brass Table

Chesterman Lobby

The Chesterman is a historic residential building in the heart of Fishtown, a very desirable and newly developed Philadelphia neighborhood. The artist, Nick Nehez, was commissioned to permanently install an art piece,

Lunchroom Booths


The healthcare tech company, IntegriChain, relocated from from Princeton, NJ to center city Philadelphia in order to “attract young, high-caliber tech talent”. With the move, they also needed an interactive and