Allens Lane

From the very start, Amy and Michael Cohen were clear that having a Coca-Cola red couch and an electric blue colored fireplace were non-negotiable.

A year was spent completing the interior design of their West Mt. Airy home. The house was built in a traditional, stately American style in the 1920s. The most outstanding architectural detail in the house is its sweeping staircase. The design challenge was to unite the owner’s contemporary Italian 1980’s Memphis style with the traditional architecture of the existing house.

The John Baldessari Show, Pure Beauty, opened in NY at the inception of this project. This show gave the design team a renewed appreciation of the 1980s aesthetic and inspired the family portraits created with color blotting.

The living room rug was custom designed by the studio in wool and silk, based on a painting done by the client at the age of 5.

The bread tab piece on the kitchen wall was created and conceived in collaboration with the artist and architect Paul Schultz. Over 2000 found tabs were used in the piece. All bread tabs are dated and tabs with the birthdates of the family and leap years were incorporated.

The fireplace tiles were custom designed by the artist ceramicist, Laura Lyn Stern.

The entry wallpaper is by Flavor Paper