Hermit Street

Built in 1949 by the Italian Architect, Arthur Tofani, the Hermit Street house is a rare and complete mid-century modern treasure. The original kitchen and bathrooms, although charming, were no longer functional after fifty-five years of use. The challenge was to modernize the house without destroying its historic value. It felt like an obligation to uphold the integrity of this landmark house. To do so it was vital to replace the original windows, doors, and appliances with new elements that would integrate seamlessly. When designing the kitchen counters, cabinets, and closets, the lack of right angles in the foundation of the house became an added design challenge. What started out as potential obstacles evolved into stunning custom millwork and varied unique design solutions. The clients’ love of warm autumnal colors, their collection of Japanese pottery, and modern Japanese prints also influenced the design direction for this project.



Space becomes more an exciting entity when it is allowed to exist purely for the pleasure of experiencing it.” Arthur Tofani 1958.

Custom metal frames were designed and installed to hold “upper cabinets” without walls.

All millwork, paneling, shelving, metal work and the floating staircase were hand crafted by Anthony Tyler and John Doyle.