Studio IQL understands there is more to business than the numbers. A space’s character and function is critical to succeed. An inspired business deserves inspired design generated by ambitious, collaborative minds encouraged by your creativity and style.

When it comes to striking and memorable spaces optimized for your patron’s enjoyment, Studio IQL’s team of designers and engineers can elevate your business from a place to go to the place to be.

Roots Natural Kitchen

It’s a sign you’re doing something right as an interior designer when a client comes back a second, and third, time for you to design their new restaurants. Our love


Historic Gastro Pub

Studio IQl was tasked with converting this beautiful historic building with its circa 1600’s original 2 foot thick stone walls, into a gastro pub. We left as much of the chunky original stone

Dining Room & Bar

Goat Hollow Restaurant

The design scope for this project was to re-invent the interiors of the beloved Mt Airy restaurant, The Goat Hollow. After operating as a bar in this location for over 90

Frosted Fox bakery entrance

Frosted Fox Bakery

Wes Anderson’s film “Fantastic Mr. Fox” was the inspiration for this bake shop. Having owned and operated a bakery for nine years, Val was excited to design a shop with a

Ice Cream Flyers

Dolly Madison Ice Cream Lounge

This private resident lounge was branded with the beloved first lady Dolly Madison in mind and her 1950’s chain of ice cream stores. Shelves are filled with vintage glass collected


Jet Wine Bar

In valuable high traffic city locations, every inch of space must to be utilized. The popular Jet Wine Bar had a basement room but patrons shied away due to a lack of

Dining Tables

Roots Natural Kitchen

Studio IQL was contracted to design and brand five new locations for the Roots Natural Kitchen fast casual restaurants. The first location, in Charlottesville, Virginia, was an unprecedented success and is now