Goat Hollow Restaurant

The design scope for this project was to re-invent the interiors of the beloved Mt Airy restaurant, The Goat Hollow. After operating as a bar in this location for over 90 years, it had been boarded since 2003. The clients decided to re-open the restaurant at the same location and keep the original name. The building was in need of significant restoration and there was an exciting opportunity to create a completely new decor, but it felt important to preserve some of the old grit that had made Goat Hollow a memorable part of the neighborhood’s past landscape.

Studio IQL wanted to match the sophistication of the proposed menu and maintain a welcoming, cozy, and familiar environment. The goal with the new Goat Hollow was to blur the boundaries between fresh and aged, formal and friendly, unexpected and familiar.


Inspired by Deborah Bowness, we worked with artist photographer Julia Blaukopf to first shoot the abandoned restaurant and then overlapping and collaging the images to create strips of wallpaper.