Jet Wine Bar

In valuable high traffic city locations, every inch of space must to be utilized. The popular Jet Wine Bar had a basement room but patrons shied away due to a lack of the activity offered at the bar and the people watching of the street. The studio was asked to increase seating capacity by making the basement an exclusive and desired place to sit. Inspired by Verner Panton’s ceiling of lights installed in Hamburg, Germany, a ceiling canopy of orb lights was designed and built to create drama. A “window” with a view of the TWA parking lot circa 1969 was also custom built for the space. As in first class air travel in the 1960’s, an enclosed airline cabin bar was designed to disappear when not being used by a private party.

The video content shown here was selected to play in a continuous loop on the televisions in the wine bar. Swizzle stix and custom wrapped soaps were created for the bar and restrooms to further enhance the exclusive vintage airline experience.